About Audi B6 Wheels Gallery

I made this little blog with hopes to help fellow audi b6 owners in choosing their rims and tyres, picture collection is gathered all over the net and I tried to classify all wheels by manufacturer, size etc.. Pictures belong to their rightful owners, and if you’d like me to remove photos of your audi for whatever reason, just contact me, it will be done promptly.
Most photos I found on www.audizine.com and www.vwvortex.com forums, and this blog will hopefully help to keep the audi A4 wheels gallery indexed even if owners photobucket and other free image hosting accounts get shut down (happens often, and parts of forum communities lose value by 3rd party fault).
If you want your audi b6 wheel setup listed here, please email freecarblogs at gmail dot com with your pictures, and specify make of the wheels, their size and tyre.

Offtopic, if you’re currently shopping for wheels, don’t just fall for the looks. If you use your car as a daily driver, I would recommend 17 inch wheels, unless roads in your area are perfect. In my part of Europe, we get alot of potholes expecially in the spring, and rollin’ on 18′s or 19 inch rims can be very expensive. Large diameter tyres are expensive, and some holes and bumps can cause rim damage thats not repairable..

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